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NOTE: Detailed Schedule below. But if you would TO PRINT OUT A QUICK PDF 1-PAGE 2013 SCHEDULE OVERVIEW Click: Women’s Power Strategy Conference 2013 Schedule at a Glance


7:30 – 8:00 a.m. Vendor Table Set Up (In Atrium)

The Women’s PowerStrategyTM Conference is pleased to host businesses and organizations owned or operated by women, and the work of our speakers in the ATRIUM. Tables will be set up with displays and items for purchase and attendees can visit this area in between sessions, at lunch and all throughout the day until 6:00 p.m. VENDORS WILL FIND IT MOST CONVENIENT TO COME IN THROUGH THE SOUTH PARKING LOT.  You’ll see your table with your name on it. Tables all have white table clothes on them. Power outlets are limited. Wifi is available, but be aware that WPSC and WFCA are not responsible if there are problems with wifi.Table breakdown is 6 p.m.

8:00 – 8:30 a.m: Registration and Coffee (In Atrium)

8:35 – 8:50 a.m: Opening Remarks (In East Auditorium)


9:00 – 9:50 a.m: Presentations


CONFERENCE ROOM A: Smash the Glass Ceiling and Raise it Higher

Financial adviser and investor, Lee Goff comes all the way from Texas to speak to us about the statistics he discovered that show how female business owners outperform male business owners. After years of analyzing large loan portfolios, consulting with CEO’s and studies done as a member of D&B’s Advisory Council, Lee states, “There’s a trend appearing. Women are doing business bigger, better, and smarter than men ever have. Female-owned businesses are outperforming and outsmarting the established industry models, and by doing so, they are establishing the new model. They don’t need to copy anybody; it’s the other way around.” In this workshop Lee demonstrates what women in business are doing right, or as he puts it, what they are doing not to “become empowered, but to grasp the power they already have.”


CONFERENCE ROOM B: Listening to MY Voice, Learning to Trust MY Decisions

We all have  important decisions to make in our lives.  So many decisions we make are messy and chaotic.  We often consult our friends, teachers and family — those we trust to help us, as we should.  But  do we trust what our own body, mind, and spirit says?  Do we trust our “gut feelings” or the smoothness of our breath?  How can we sharpen our clarity on decisions?  This workshop, presented by Monica Anderson of TONE FITNESS will explore movement, breathing tools and techniques–ancient (yoga) and contemporary (scientific) to help us interpret our inherent gifts (including clarity) to be the best we can be, so we can trust OUR own decisions.


CONFERENCE ROOM C: Priorities, Profits, Prosperity

Do you find yourself procrastinating or avoiding certain activities, or are there times when you just don’t know what to do next? Does this make you feel guilty, overwhelmed, confused, or anxious? Attend this workshop by Judy Baker and discover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you and leave with a system to bust through and shift negative thoughts. Learn how to focus on what you want and to create a specific action plan and have a map for moving you forward toward your goal. (With worksheets.)


FIRESIDE ROOM: The Five Types of Friends You Need: Assessing the Friendships You Have and the Friendships You Want

We attend parenting and romance workshops, but when it comes to our friendships we often assume we already know what we need to know and that healthy friendships will just happen if we meet the right people. But friendships don’t just happen to us. How can we surround ourselves with new relationships that energize us when it doesn’t feel as easy as it did back in school and how do we maximize our current friendships when we feel so busy and scattered? In this workshop by Shasta Nelson you’ll learn the 5 types of friends, how to evaluate your current needs for increased belonging, how to move from Curiosity to “Frientimacy” with people you meet, 5 time-saving ways to enhance our current friendships, and the 2 things you have to do to add meaningful community to your life.



10: 00 – 10:50 a.m

EAST AUDITORIUM: “The Spiritualist and the Suffragette : A Lesson in History and Intuition”

Spiritualism is a belief system that spirits of the dead residing in the spirit world have both the ability and the inclination to communicate with the living. At the beginning of the 19th century, American women had few rights to property or earnings, no custody rights to their children in the event of divorce, no right to vote or hold office. For the most part the public speaking of women was met with jeers and violence. In a republic founded on the principles of liberty and equality, women were no better than slaves. So how were women able to get beyond these circumscribed roles? Interestingly enough, through Spiritualism. Many prominent Spiritualists were women, and like most Spiritualists, supported causes such as the abolition of slavery and women’s rights, including suffrage.

In this presentation, Dr. Cristina Zaccarini of Adelphi University in New York will discuss the significance of some women’s participation in the suffrage and Spiritualist movements. She will juxtapose the suffragists and their conservative dress with the radicals, like Victoria Woodhull, a renowned psychic who ran for public office, and other Spiritualist mediums, such as the African-American Harriet Wilson, who used intuitive powers to transcend limitations.


CONFERENCE ROOM B:  The Power of Performance and Persistence

In striving for your dreams; whether they are sports or performance related, persistence is key. Many competitive female athletes have succeeded because of their persistence and ability to overcome obstacles. In this interactive session, Dr. Joan Steidinger will share stories of her own and other successful female athletes on how persistence pays off in life as well as in sports and how cheering on your fellow athletes (or girlfriends) pays off enormously in striving towards your goals. Mental strategies will also be suggested to participants.

 CONFERENCE ROOM C:  A (Lavender) Field of Dreams Vicki and Rebecca in Conversation

Do you have a dream? How will you make your dream come true? In this conversation Rebecca Rosenberg and Vicki Larson talk about their experience at making dreams come true. Rosenberg is an author, product designer and co-owner of Sonoma Lavender, and Larson, who took way too long to graduate at way too many colleges, is a popular journalist. They will talk about the transformations, life bumps and career shifts that led them to where they (happily) are, and what they learned along the way

FIRESIDE ROOM: “Excuse Me, but I Love My Damn Neck: Power Strategies for Aging for All Ages”

Writing books, creating beautiful paintings, performing in plays, devoting their time to literacy and more, Amanda McTigue leads fellow authors Kate Farrell and Linda Loveland Reid in a discussion of how they live their lives in defiance of the myth that growing older can’t be fun, especially if you’re a woman. After listening to this discussion, you will leave wishing you were in your seventh decade like Kate and Linda. (And they don’t care who knows it, either!) Note: This session is one of our first so the ladies can then take a nap before the reception. NOT.



11:00 – 11:50 p.m: Presentations


EAST AUDITORIUM: Hollywood’s Power Strategy: How Tinseltown Decides What You See and How You See It

Notable film columnist/psychological educator, Gilbert Mansergh and assistant director/producer Cynthi Stefenoni collaborate to present their individual and unique behind-the camera perspectives of how filmmakers use imagery, music and other compelling means to shape what audiences find acceptable or unacceptable. Includes film clips from movies like: The Hunger Games, Dirty Deeds, Grand Avenue, Salt, The Sessions, Skyfall, Hitchcock, and Zero Dark Thirty.

CONFERENCE ROOM A: Do You Feel Blessed? Well, Do Ya, Punk?: A Conversation with Deborah Grabien

During a panel, “That Which Doesn’t Kill Me” at last year’s Women’s PowerStrategy Conference on women dealing with extreme hardships, some of the panelists discussed “feeling blessed” despite the variety of terrible things that had befallen them. Author, musician and animal welfare advocate Deborah Grabien, who has been living with multiple sclerosis for more than a decade was the only one who spoke up and said, “Well, I don’t feel blessed.” But as you will learn in this candid and inspiring interview, neither does she feel cursed. If you’re someone who has struggled with an adversity too and is tired of hearing platitudes like, “There’s a reason this happened,” or “God has a plan for you” when you believe that what has befallen you is just another example of life’s capriciousness, then you will enjoy this no holds barred interview. At times angry, at times passionate,at times compassionate, but at all times fearless, Deborah talks frankly with Patricia V. Davis about how she deals with her illness and still gets on with her very creative, productive and inspiring life. [Rated “S” for SASSY and “L” for some language.]


CONFERENCE ROOM B: “I’m Just Too Hungry to Eat.”

A passionate cook, food writer and blogger, who also suffered from an eating disorder? In an interview and discussion with renowned psychotherapist Dr. Ann Steiner, Simona Carini talks about her experience, how she believes her eating disorder came about, and what to look for if you suspect you or someone you love has a problematic relationship with food.

CONFERENCE ROOM C: Making Stress Work for YOU

Learning how to better manage stress helps us achieve greater levels of personal and professional performance and can provide the enthusiasm and energy needed to meet our goals and gracefully manage the challenges of daily life. In this fun and informative program by Mary O’Neill, participants will learn a simple, systematic method for processing stress and develop skills that will enable them to turn everyday challenges into opportunities for growth and change. Specific tools will be offered on how to respond more positively and productively to stress and how to create a happier, healthier mindset for a better-balanced life. Here’s a chance to relax, renew and re-energize – and put some balance back into your life and career!

FIRESIDE ROOM: Sex Trafficking and Kidnapping: Surprising Facts on Who Can Become a Victim

Child advocate and private investigator Monique Lessan talks in detail about sex trafficking, kidnapping, child abductions, and more. There are ways to prevent these from happening and Monique covers them clearly for both younger audience members who believe they can’t become victimized and for those who are older and might not be familiar with the way the online world works and how we need to protect our young people and even ourselves. [Note: This topic back by popular demand. Rated “E” and “S” for EMOTIONAL and some SEXUAL content.]



12:00 – 12:40 p.m: Keynote, Awards Presentation in EAST AUDITORIUM 12:45 – 1:25 p.m: Lunch in ATRIUM

Immediately after the keynote speech and awards presentation, when The Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference is pleased to present awards for “Powerful Woman 2013” and “Extraordinary Man 2013,” a scrumptious lunch will be served. During and after our meal stroll around the ATRIUM and peruse the delightful offerings by our vendors and speakers. Who could ask for more?



1:35 – 2:25 p.m: Presentations


CONFERENCE ROOM A: “I Wanted Revenge. I Got Something Better.”


Patty O’Reilly’s husband was only 43 when he was killed by an enraged drunk driver. In an interview with Amanda McTigue, Patty talks about how she confronted her husband’s killer hoping for the perfect act of vengeance and instead coming away from the four hours with him with an entirely different mission in mind going forward. Bring tissues for this heart-wrenching but inspiring interview. [Note: This session is rated “E” for EMOTIONAL content]


CONFERENCE ROOM B: Making Your Own Full Length Film is Easy — NOT!


Alex Vargas has had an interesting and creative life so far. Born to a family of musicians in Montevideo, Uruguay, his first performance on stage was at the age of 12. At age 17, he attended classical theatre school in Uruguay at EMAD (National School of Theatre) and as a composer, songwriter and recording artist, he has performed in nine countries. Alex has taught yoga, self-discipline, meditation, music therapy, drama,worked as a personal health coach and is a passionate advocate for healthy GMO-free foods. He has jumped from airplanes, played on a rugby team, rocked climbed and danced ballet.  These days, however, he is an independent filmmaker and all the challenges he’s taken on previously do not compare to the back-breaking hard work and perseverance he must have in order to do the work of what it would take hundreds to do on a full budget Hollywood film. He is in charge of sound design and music composition as well as acting, directing and filming. If you have an interest in filmmaking, attending this talk will be an eyeopener. Alex will show clips of his latest work, “Rice,” and show you step by step what you need to do to make your own film.


CONFERENCE ROOM C: Internet Safety: Do You Know The Real Faces Behind Your “Friends” On Facebook?

..Or on Twitter,or on any other social networking site? Web Expert and co-president of The Women’s National Book Association San Francisco Chapter, Linda Lee, tells us in no uncertain terms that what we don’t know can harm us and seriously haunt us. Forever. In language we can all understand, she explains how these sites work, and what we need to do to protect ourselves from predators, identity theft, cyber-stalking and simply the wrong people having too much information about our personal lives. Note: This workshop is back by popular demand.


FIRESIDE ROOM: YouTube and Your Brand:Building Your Online Platform

YouTube has an estimated 92 billion page views every month, so wouldn’t you like to learn how to use video to enhance your business content and drive traffic to your site? This workshop will cover how to get started, interesting podcasts and tutorials, how to customize and monetize that content, how to engage viewers and more. Learn from Laura Berg, the president and founder of My Smart Hands Inc., one of North America’s leading Baby Signing companies. Laura’s YouTube channel is one of Canada’s top ranked channels with over 21 million views. Because of this, she was invited to join Maker Studio, North America’s largest You Tube network. Laura comes all the way from Canada to be with us. Her work is extraordinary and inspiring.



2:40 – 3:30 p.m. Presentations


CONFERENCE ROOM A:   Tap Into Your Power: Write a Memoir!

Former and current presidents of the Women’s National Book Association San Francisco Chapter, Lynn Henriksen and Linda Joy Myers team up to present a workshop on writing memoir. Learn about the power of story as you tap into your memories and discover facets of yourself you didn’t know existed. Whether you are new to writing or have a project started, we’ll get you on the right track with a vignette from your own life, so you can see for yourself how this amazing process unfolds. Within us, often without our awareness, are clues to our story that reveal the powerful woman we are inside.



CONFERENCE ROOM B: Women in Politics – Yes, You Can Run for Office and Make a Difference!

Every think of running for office? No, really. Whether you’re thinking of running for president of the USA or just president of the PTA, this workshop by Dotty LeMeiux is the one for you! Some topics covered in this 45 minute talk (with room for questions and discussion) will include: How to know if running is right for you, which office is right for you, fundraising, dishing with the big boys, dealing with the press, the good, bad and downright ugly of negative campaigning and what to do if you’ve won or lost.


CONFERENCE ROOM C: Owning Your Story, Shaping Your Public Image

Top Bay Area Publicist Lorna Garano shares her expertise in marketing and promotion and discusses how to frame your life and tie it into the issues that you care about. Her discussion is very helpful not only for authors and other artists who need publicity to build their audiences, but for anyone who plans to use the media grow their business or promote a cause.

FIRESIDE ROOM: The Barefoot Spirit of Bonnie Harvey

Bonnie Harvey frankly discusses the challenges and solutions she discovered starting and growing the Barefoot Wine brand over a 20-year period. Some of the business philosophies she learned and will share include performance-based compensation; how to make mistakes right; team building; and how to treat your vendors, suppliers, and bankers to develop the best relationships. Being undercapitalized incentivized Bonnie to use innovation and out-of-the-box thinking, and she encourages others to make the best use of what they have. Worthy cause marketing proved to be so successful that they never paid for advertising, yet grew to be one of the most popular brands in the nation. Bonnie will share how to work best with non-profits and the benefits of supporting one’s local community (ROI – return on involvement). Come prepared to ask questions so you can benefit from Bonnie’s experience!


3:40 – 4:30 p.m. Presentations

CONFERENCE ROOM A: How Women Share Laughter to Heal

Women use laughter and mirth to share stories of passion, vanity, indignity, and failure, which bring about emotional healing and bonding. It is in our gatherings that intimate bonds are created with laughter ? our shared humor over midnight rendezvous with Ben & Jerry, of wrap-around skirt failings, of fake orgasms and mind-bending orgasms, of screaming babies and comatose partners, incinerating hot flashes and more that help us recognize our commonalities and reduce our shame. In this workshop with Tonia Caselman and Joy Friend, we will address: women’s growth in connection, the healing aspects of humor and mirth, unique ideas for girlfriend get-togethers and celebrations, and more. [Rated “S” for SEXUALITY and SASSINESS]



Four people, Vincent Zappacosta, Douglass Christenson, Cynthi Stefenoni and Sally Kuhlman talk bravely and candidly in their interview with Patricia V Davis about the trials they’ve faced all their livs solely because they are gay. An important session for everyone, particularly in this day when we are, for the first time since the 1960s, truly struggling with civil rights for all. [This session is rated “E” for EMOTIONAL and “C” for CONTROVERSIAL.]


CONFERENCE ROOM C: Can’t Decide On a Career (or Career Change?) Don’t “Judge” Yourself Too Harshly


San Francisco Superior Court Judge Susan Breall who has resided on some hard hitting and highly publicized cases, originally set out to work as a screenplay writer. In this engaging and inspiring talk on career choices for women, she discusses how amazingly unpredictable those choices can turn out to be, how women should set the bar high for themselves, how when we’re young we needn’t stress because we’re not sure what we want “to be” and how when we’re older, we can take a detour and do something entirely different than what we’ve done all our adult lives. Question and answer session to follow her talk. Visit us at spielautomaten




4:40 – 5:30 p.m. Presentations and Last Look at Vendor and Speaker Tables


CONFERENCE ROOM A: Women in the Music Industry and Arts: Lesson Learned

Barry Hessenius is a former director of the California Arts Council and former legal representative for entertainment greats like members of Creedence Clearwater Revival and of Jefferson Starship. He has met celebrities that most of us can only dream about meeting. And in his interactions with them, he has learned some fascinating things about women in the arts fields and the music industry that he will share with us in this fun and eye-opening chat.


CONFERENCE ROOM B – Speak Up, Woman! — The Art Of Saying What’s on Your Mind

Communication skills are critical for tackling the many challenges of work, home, and community advocacy. Take a journey with Kathleen Cha and expand the range of skills we can tap into. Discover how to find your own voice and how to overcome the barriers that stop us from speaking up: primarily a lack of confidence and trust in what we know and understand which often silences our participation. To add to our communication skill sets, we will also have fun learning how to handle an interview (media or personal), and how to better negotiate on the job or for services. 

 Kathleen Cha is an award-winning Strategic Communications Specialist in public affairs, community outreach, and crisis communications with more than 30 years of service in public, private and nonprofit sectors, as well as a published children’s author and playwright, and much more. Her current work-in-progress is a multi-media piece called “Speaking a Woman’s Life.”


CONFERENCE ROOM C: Men Say The Darndest Things: A Panel of Men Answer Your Questions About Men, Women, Relationships and More

A stand up comic, a Texas preacher and a harmonica player help solve the age old mystery about how men think. Comedian Joe Klocek is on a panel with Lee Goff, Alex Vargas and Sam Barry as they answer questions that have been submitted by conference attendees about how they feel about all kinds of things you’ve never gotten a straight answer about from a man before. If you would like to submit a question for this panel, email Jane Hunter at: [email protected] Put “Question for Men’s Panel” in the subject line. Comedian Joe Klocek and blues musician Sam Barry will also be performing for us at the VIP reception! [Rated “S” for SASSY, SENSITIVE and SILLY.]



5:30 p.m. Conference Closes.


6:00 p.m. V.I.P. Cocktail Reception in FIRESIDE ROOM

V.I.P. Reception is by invitation or separate ticket purchase. PERFORMING AT THE RECEPTION, WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE AWARD-WINNING COMIC, JOE KLOCEK, and blues musician, SAM BARRY accompanied by JEFF BEAUCHAMP.

If you would like to add a reception ticket to your ticket price, you can do so on our registration page or at the conference by visiting the registration desk in the atrium


TO PRINT OUT A PDF 1-PAGE 2013 SCHEDULE OVERVIEW Click: Women’s Power Strategy Conference 2013 Schedule at a Glance

PLEASE NOTE:  For every paid adult admission, remember that we will sponsor a teenage girl ages 13 and up or a woman who might not otherwise be able to attend this conference. Support the empowerment of  women AND treat yourself to a fabulous conference!

For information on sponsoring and donating email: [email protected]