About The Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference




Dear Fellow Advocates for Women and Girls:

Here are some startling and disturbing facts:

  • One in five high school girls have been physically and/or sexually assaulted by a dating partner, significantly increasing their risk of drug abuse, suicide and other harmful behavior. Part of the reason for this is because the girl is too afraid of making a fuss or worried about being made fun of to ask her date to stop.
  • Women between the ages of 25-44 are most often affected by depression with a major cause of it being the inability to express or handle anger.
  • According to a Girls Inc. nationwide survey, girls are getting the message that they have to be athletic, get top grades, be well-dressed, be thin and beautiful, all at once. Then when they’re grown, in addition to be perfect mothers and wives, they’re expected to look young forever and be financially successful while doing so.  This impossible to reach “super-girl” societal standard has intensified in the twenty-first century and is causing women of all ages to feel like failures. And feeling like a failure makes people depressed, angry, and unfulfilled.

Think about this ? if 50% of the world’s inhabitants feel depressed, angry, and unfulfilled, how does it affect their life outlook, their ability to be good mothers, employers, employees, or even just good citizens?

The issue of women and their self-esteem impacts every nation.  That’s why I believe we all have to do our part to help girls and women feel healthy, powerful, and satisfied even if they don’t meet our distorted modern media requirements of what it means to be a woman.  To this end, I’ve founded the Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference, “a gathering of leaders from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise who are joining forces to educate and inspire women of all ages to believe and invest in their own talents, skills and potential.”

In 2012 and 2013, the Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference sponsored over 300 teens and teen leaders to attend our conferences, where more than 75 leaders from various fields of expertise devoted their time to educate and inspire. By exposing women, both younger and older, to new ideas and possibilities, we can change the world for the better for all of us.

But we can’t do this alone. Last year’s conference was over 1000 hours of work for our team as we prepared for the conference and worked at fundraising. It’s for this reason that we’re starting earlier this year asking for your help. Your donation in any amount will help us put on our 2015 conference. Use your credit card, your paypal account or send us a check at:

Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference

PO Box 90808

Henderson, Nevada 80909

If you would like to underwrite us for a significant amount and have that be tax-deductible, please send an email to [email protected] for instructions.

On behalf of the committee for The Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference, I thank you and I hope you will join us.


Patricia V. Davis, Founder of The Women’s PowerStrategy™ Conference